MSC Seascape

Forget about your work schedule, pack your bags, and get ready for an adventure like no other. See the world and experience all it has to offer, all from a cruise ship that makes the journey just as memorable as the destination itself. Step on board the MSC Seascape and see for yourself just how exciting the sea can be.


The designs of the Seascape pay tribute to New York City, from the grand city aesthetic to a scale model of the statue of liberty. You could go anywhere in New York and discover completely new experiences and meet entirely new people, a spirit of adventure that also went into designing the MSC Seascape.


Step outside to our remarkable outdoor spaces, and take in the always perfect Caribbean weather. The MSC Seascape is the largest ship in our fleet, making its outdoor decks ideal for leisure, entertainment, dining, and more! One of the many highlights will be the newly refurbished Marina Pool. The sun lounges along the shallow edges let you get your feet wet while sunbathing. The deeper center of the pool is perfect for anyone wanting to go for a swim. There’s even an in-pool lounge area, ideal for hanging out with friends and family.

Feeling adventurous?
Visit the Robotron, the exhilarating on-deck amusement ride. The Robotron is located on one of the highest points of the Seascape, giving you a perfect view as you’re twisted and spun in all directions.

After enjoying the top-deck attractions, explore the rest of the MSC Seascape to see all this incredible vessel has to offer. There’s no better place than a cruise ship to let kids run on their own and explore to their heart’s content. Let them have fun while you indulge in our many adult-only spaces.


Unwind with the aid of the luxurious MSC Aurea Spa. Get a deep Balinese massage that will get your body feeling like you’re on a cruise. A stop by our beauty center will have you looking your best and feeling refreshed and recharged. Then hit the gym any time you feel like you need to get moving and release some endorphins.

For MSC Yacht Club members, the luxurious foredeck lounges will be open for drinks, entertainment, and fine dining. The Yacht Club lounge of the MSC Seascape is the most luxurious of all the MSC cruise lines. The space is completed with fine amenities and windows that provide a full view of the crystal-blue ocean. Butlers in the lounge are ready to serve 24 hours a day, ensuring everyone there has nothing less than the most lavish experience possible.